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Warm Up on the Beach

Welcome to Flatter Leadership Academy

Flatter Leadership Academy, a division of Flatter Inc., offers a renowned series of remote and onsite leadership and coach training programs and platforms. Our breakthrough methodologies and techniques have found clients in some of the most prestigious, successful business firms and universities around the world. 

We take our commitment to our clients’ successes as seriously as we take commitment to our own – Excellence is our Baseline. Each and every one of our leadership training programs, lectures, and keynotes specially blends a combination of universal experiential, and situational leader training methods to foster empathy, the best team-building ideas, innovation, ambition, collaboration, leadership, and inclusion. We see these ideals as touchstones of any prosperous work or social environment and the roots of equity.


Our Team

Our team is here to help whenever you have questions, concerns, or whenever you would like to learn more about coaching.

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